STUDIO 1 - Studio Silvio Oddi *

This studio has a working area of ​​130m², 13m x 9.5m.

It is composed of mirrors on the long side, Dinamica Ballet mobile bars, a technical Harlequin Floor parquet adapted to versatility.

Natural light floods the studio from its 3 large windows overlooking the Mediterranean

It is equipped with a sound control room with CD, Mp3, USB, Computer connected to the Internet, large cupboards.

This studio has 15 double suspensions for aerial work.

This studio can be configured as a 90-seat theater, black box and front curtain on a motorized rail.

The studio is individually air conditioned and heated.

* Silvio Oddi was an Italian dancer and choreographer, founder with his wife of the Danse Plus center in Monaco, at the origin of the development of today's MAD. Silvio died at the age of 43.

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