• All students must be enrolled in the school to attend classes and have paid their annual membership fees and fees for the current school year.

  • When a pupil registers at the end of the school year, he is asked to follow a minimum of 4 lessons during the period and this before any cancellation of engagement. The contribution for the term may be reimbursed in proportion to the courses taken with a minimum acquired at school of € 80. The costs of registration and purchase of costumes also remain acquired at the school. (Only valid at the start of the school year and during the first 4 consecutive lessons). Beyond these first 4 courses, the annual subscription remains acquired by the Management.

  • All students enrolled in the term must pay the amount of the term when registering. The term covers the school year from September to June.

  • When a student registers for the card, the card is valid for 4 months + to compensate for the closure during school holidays. The card is nominative. In case of loss, no card will be exchanged. If you stop attending school, the card may be transferred to a third party but will not be refunded within 3 months from the date of purchase.

  • The school accepts payment by credit card (excluding American Express), checks or cash.

  • Adults will need to provide a medical certificate and parents will need to report any health problem with a child. Management and teachers may refuse access to certain courses depending on a student's state of health.

  • The school follows the Monaco National Education calendar. Our vacation schedule is available on our site. It can be modified for the needs of the school.

  • The course schedule can be modified during the term. An email would then be sent to all the students. The schedule is not contractual.

  • All students are identified by an information and personal form managed from the reception desk. Personal data remains confidential and will not be exchanged. It is mandatory to provide a home address, email and mobile phone number to be contacted in case of emergency.

  • In the event of a student's accident during lessons, the parents or supervisor will be notified by phone or email. In the event of no response and if the student's state of health requires transport to the hospital, the emergency services will be called to take charge of the student.

  • The parent or the accompanying person cannot enter the studios during the lessons. From the 3-year-old Awakening level, students are alone in class with the teacher. The parents or accompanying person are in charge of the child until the start of the course. Children cannot be dropped off without the assistance of a responsible adult in the lobby or in the cloakroom.

  • Children requiring the presence of an adult are picked up in the entrance hall after class and cannot go alone to the cloakroom. In case of delay of the responsible person in charge of the student, thank you to inform the studio. If the responsible person does not show up, the minor student will be kept by the teacher in his next lesson or dropped off at the reception desk while waiting for his supervisor. beyond a 60-minute wait and without further information from the person responsible for the child, the Management may contact the Public Security of Monaco.

  • Students must be punctual and diligent so as not to hamper the progress of their group.

  • Systematically notify the studio in case of absence or delay.

  • In the event of a delay of more than 10 minutes or unjustified repetitions, the teacher may refuse access to the course.

  • In the event of repeated and unjustified absences, the student's participation in the show could be compromised.

  • For safety reasons, wearing jewelry and watches is prohibited in class. These valuables remain under the responsibility of the student. In the event of loss or theft, MAD cannot be held liable.

  • Mobile phones must be switched off during the course and can be left in the studios.

  • Food, sweets, chewing gum and sodas are prohibited in the studios and the cloakroom. Students must leave cups and glasses from neighboring establishments in the city's garbage cans and under no circumstances in those of the school.

  • To maintain optimal student concentration, parents and accompanying adults are not allowed to attend classes, unless authorized.

  • Access to the center is only reserved for students and teachers. For the youngest, only one person per child is allowed in the cloakroom and in the hall.

  • Strollers must remain outside the school level 6 for imperative reasons of safety in the event of an evacuation.

  • It is important to respect other users of Parking Costa.

  • The student's level is decided by the teacher and the Management. The student who does not have the level or who has a level higher than that for which he was registered, may be redirected to another course.

  • In the event of the absence of a teacher, students will be notified by email and information will be posted on our Facebook page. It is recommended that students and parents connect to it before coming to the center.

  • For its promotion, the school reserves the right to film and photograph its work during the lessons. These recordings may be used for all advertising purposes without further consent from the pupils. In the event of a refusal, students must report to the Management.

  • The center is placed under video surveillance but without any image recording.


DRESSED during the lessons:

  • All students must change in the locker room. Dance shoes are put on in the studios and street shoes are left in the cloakroom because we are authorized in the rooms. All items and belongings placed in the cloakroom remain under the responsibility of the student. In the event of loss or theft, MAD cannot be held responsible.

  • For classical dance: Regulatory class dress (color and model of leotard depending on the level, pink tights, slippers with sewn elastics) + hair tied in a bun.

  • For jazz, contemporary, funk and tap dancing: Close-fitting outfit and hair tied up + Jazz Noire Sneaker (Jazz & Funk) compulsory in preparation for the show.

  • Shoes for hip hop and fitness, provide sneakers dedicated only to the practice of the discipline.

  • The center keeps forgotten and lost objects throughout the school year. Beyond this period, these cases are filed with the SMA



  • Two dance galas are offered at the end of the school year. They include a large part of the school's lessons. Not all disciplines participate in the shows and only concern students from the 4-year-old Awakening level. Les Eveils 2 ans do not have a show. Les Eveil 3 ans present a show at school at the end of the school year.

  • If they do not wish to participate in the show, the pupils must indicate this before the end of January.

  • Students participating in the show must purchase their costume from the teachers. The teachers are responsible for finding and providing them. Costume fees are due upon confirmation of participation in the show. The price of the costume per discipline may vary depending on the discipline.

  • Access to the dance show (ages 4 and over) is subject to a charge. Parents and spectators can purchase their numbered tickets from the school. The ticketing will begin on a specific date announced on our website.

  • A schedule of dress rehearsals is established for all participating classes. These rehearsals take place on the stage of the auditorium and outside of normal class hours. These rehearsals are compulsory and are done in costume, under the conditions of the show. A student who does not participate in the rehearsals and without any other excuse may be excluded from the show.

  • The public is not allowed during the dress rehearsal.

  • For its promotion the school reserves the right to film and photograph its work during rehearsals. These recordings may be used for all advertising purposes without further consent from the pupils. In the event of a refusal, students must report to the Management.


  • THE CASE OF FORCE MAJEURE is ordered by the State or the health situation of the Principality of Monaco.

  • LE CAS DE FORCE MAJEURE may order the modification of the conditions of the course, reception and communication concentrated on our website.

  • THE CASE OF FORCE MAJEURE may freeze subscriptions or cancel them as they are, article 1003 of the Monegasque penal code, without further compensation or reimbursement.

  • Epidemics can compromise the smooth running of the school year and impose extraordinary health measures that are not applicable during non-epidemic periods.


Except in the case of force majeure, the courses canceled in the event of the absence of a teacher are credited to the student's account or recovered in another schedule, depending on the nature and direction of the course.


The courses are paid at the time of registration, either for the period indicated in the type of course taken, validity varies according to the type of subscription, or for the type of commitment depending on the courses selected. See subscription details in each activity.


In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is recognized by the courts of Monaco and will be executed in the Principality of Monaco under the application of Monegasque law.

The Management and the entire MAD team thank you for your trust and guarantee you an artistic involvement that meets your expectations, within the limits of everyone's possibilities and this with the pleasure of transmitting, sharing, dancing, singing and to work. The Management - Stéphane Lobono