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What you need to know to register ...

All registrations must be made at the school office.

Depending on the course, several subscription formulas exist,

mainly at school term, à la carte or individually.

Privileged access Parking Costa for the " Kiss & Dance ".


This customer account will allow all students to access their file, modify it, but also follow their registration, their payment status, and download invoices. No payment will be claimed online. During the first course the student will have to pay the registration fees and the amounts due according to the courses he chooses to follow. NB: students will not be able to choose their dance class from their customer account. This operation will have to be done at the school in the presence of the administration to be sure to be in the right level.
The customer account will allow Fitness class students to register for the classes of their choice on a weekly basis by logging into their customer area, then selecting the link to the Fitness classes from this space. If the course is full, the information will be mentioned on the screen and the student may be on a waiting list.


The customer account will be created by the administration and several personal information will be necessary to complete the family file of each new student. An email, a mobile phone number and an address must be associated with the personal file. In the context of a large family, this creation will only occur once, and each child will be associated with the family account.

The information provided remains strictly confidential and is not exchanged. They will be used only for communication between the center and the students. —-


A registration fee of € 30 including tax per student is due annually at the time of registration for the school year for any course and at any time of the school year. This right is renewed each school year from September to the end of June.


The school year is based on that of Monaco's national education, from September to June. The Term includes for each course a precise number of classes according to the school holidays of the year. Registration covers all of these courses at the time of registration. Payment of the term will cover the entire period concerned. The number of places per course is limited depending on the room used and the discipline.

A waiting list is opened when a course is full and the order of priority is established according to the day of the request.

A probationary period of 4 lessons is included in the term and will allow students, within the time limit of these 4 consecutive lessons , to cancel their registration. In this case, the reimbursement of the courses in proportion to the 4 probationary courses will be accepted. Beyond this consecutive period, no reimbursement can be claimed during the year.
In the event of late registration, if the courses cannot be made up, a pro rata will be applied for the payment of the current term.
(See the schedules for the list of courses)

A LA CARTE COURSE (validity 3 months)

All Fitness classes can be taken with an à la carte subscription, i.e. a subscription of 10 classes (See the schedules for the list of classes)
Dance, musical awakening and singing lessons are not affected by this mode of engagement.
Annual registration fees are also due for à la carte students.


FOR FITNESS: It is possible to try the Fitness classes without taking out a subscription but by paying the class individually. (see prices on course details).
FOR OTHER COURSES: It is not possible to take a trial lesson for dance, singing, guitar and musical awakening because the lessons require a familiarity with the method in order to appreciate the progress over several sessions (minimum 4. Read below).

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


All courses are limited in number of students. Priority is given to students from previous years.
For new students (registration in July and from September), a level assessment course may be requested by the school administration.

Cancellation and refund:

All students at the end of the term register for a full term (school year). However, we allow the possibility of canceling a subscription before the end of the first 4 lessons of the student's calendar. An alternative course will be offered before cancellation. In the event of reimbursement, we will return part of the amount of the term, less a flat rate of € 80 and less the € 30 annual registration fees which remain acquired for the MAD center Beyond this period, all the amounts paid remain acquired from MAD.

The reimbursement is returned within 15 days at the latest by the Management, by the means of its choice, in the morning from the office and by appointment.

Fitness cards are not taken back. They can be transferred to another pupil within the validity period of 4 months.

Private lessons scheduled and reserved in advance remain due and acquired for the school in the event of a no-show.

No geographic origin is required of students. The private school is open to everyone.
All students are requested to read and apply the centre's rules .

In the event of force majeure, all or part of the lessons may be canceled without any liability on the part of the Management, the Debtor, article of Monegasque law 1003 applicable in the Principality of Monaco. granting no reimbursement, damage or interest.

Kiss & Dance!

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