BABY 2 to 5, KIDS 6 to 11, TEENS 12 to 17, ADULTS 18+

All dance lessons are under the artistic direction of Odile Burgede.

  • Classical dance with Giovanni Mongelli, Former dancer of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, and Jodie Penasa who will offer the discovery of classical dance from 2 years old. We progress to the advanced level. We offer Awakening, Children, Adolescents and Adults courses. The course consists of a warm-up work, a bar and a middle. Lessons from 4 years old take part in end-of-year shows. A point course is also offered to certain levels of students.

  • Jazz dance with Clarisse Campo and Odile Burgede. From 3 years old to advanced levels, we offer lessons from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, in Awakening, Children, Adolescents and Adults. Several levels are available. A level assessment is required for students accessing advanced levels. Lessons from 4 years old take part in end-of-year shows.

  • Contemporary dance and Dance Theater with Chiara Taviani. Her passion for dance and her international career have allowed her to explore many stages and Chiara teaches her lessons for Adolescents from 11 years old and up to the Advanced levels. The course includes the basic technique of contemporary dance as well as a choreographic exploration. Classes participate in end-of-year shows.

  • Tap dancing is incorporated into musical theater lessons with Marieke van den wall Bake. This Dutch artist brings all her Anglo-Saxon education to this discipline which she danced so well. Classes participate in end-of-year shows.

  • Street Dance with Desislava Kancheva who specialized in this style using all her technique acquired in classical dance in the service of the art that she teaches today at MAD, Cours Baby, Children and Adolescents. Classes participate in end-of-year shows.

  • Break Dance is the more "acrobatic" form of dance, which attracts many boys who want to perform figures on the floor. Technical work to learn the supports and the figures and then part is improvisation for the higher levels.

  • Ballroom and Latin Dances with Deimante, click here