Measures for the start of the 2020-2021 school year / Registrations

⁃ The mask will be compulsory in the school during internal trips. No mask during lessons and at the teacher's discretion.
⁃ Gel will be available in all studios
- The teachers will take the temperature of each student before class and confirm their attendance. If the temperature exceeds 37.7 ° C, the student will not be able to access the lessons as a preventive measure. For follow-up, a file will be created with cases above 37.7 ° C
⁃ All 2020 2021 students will have an entrance area assigned according to their studio, so as not to cross paths with students from other classes. Explanation during registration. Studio 1 per level 6 , Studio 2, 3 and 4 per level 5.
⁃ All lessons will be postponed by 5 to 10 minutes when they take place in both studios at the same time to avoid crossings at the time of arrival and departure (See Schedules on planning)
⁃ All fitness classes must be booked through our member area
⁃ All lessons are limited in quantity to respect 4m² per student
⁃ Students will need to provide their own mat or equipment required for fitness classes
⁃ It is strongly recommended to arrive and leave in uniform for your class, however collective spaces for rapid change (for women) will be available in the studios

- Access to showers is only authorized for Fitness classes during lunch break.
⁃ The new dance, song and music subscriptions will cover the entire school year which will be divided into three periods, September, January and April to accompany a possible sudden stop. See financial conditions at the bottom of these measures.

- New Fitness subscriptions are valid for 4 months
- The measures must be strictly observed. In case of failure, access to the school will be refused.

⁃ All students registered for the year 2020 2021 must sign and accept the above and financial conditions below:

  1. registration covers the entire school year, but as a precaution 3 checks are given at the time of registration. These three checks are cashed as follows: 1 immediately, 2nd in January, 3rd in April. Thus in case of resumption of the epidemic and new confinement only the current check in the term is cashed and affected by the terms of the case of force majeure in the Principality and for our activities; Upon resumption of activity, if in the current year, checks not yet cashed will be deposited. Students remain registered and cannot opt ​​out outside of our cancellation terms.

  2. In the event of confinement, Fitness subscriptions are frozen until the resumption of classes on site.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Due to the epidemic and in order to prioritize health protection, we have decided to withdraw the Pole Dance and Flying Yoga classes until September 2021. It is not possible to guarantee the good hygiene of the equipment between classes.

Have a good start to your school year and be very careful when applying the measures imposed. Protect our families while having fun!