BABY groups 1 to 5, KIDS 6 to 11, TEENS 12 to 17, ADULTS 18+
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We are specialized in dance, singing, music, fitness, artistic awakening, in group or individual lessons.

A program of 210 courses is established for the whole year, allowing all ages to follow the course and the level most suited to its category.

From babies to adults, we'll have a lesson for you!


MAD collaborates with specialists in each discipline to bring you the best, intended above all for amateurs wishing to improve in their field.

Dance : Classical, Modern Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Tap dance

Singing : Modern Singing or Broadway Musical

Music : Piano lessons, Guitar lessons and the Do, Re & "Me" method for musical awakening.

Fitness : Yoga, Pilates, Buttocks, Bars, Zumba, Fit Dance

A 130 m² terrace allows us to offer group outdoor Yoga lessons from Spring to Autumn. Come watch the sunrise and sunset during our yoga retreats.

All these courses are offered in groups or on demand in private.

Birthdays : The MAD offers on weekends the availability of its rooms to organize parties for children, Boom, Birthday, etc ...

A Photos studio is also available on request for shots of mannequins, books, children, babies.